Healing Herbs Of Paradise PDF

Healing Herbs Of Paradise PDF

Healing Herbs Of Paradise PDF (Discover useful, practical cures and treatments from a rich herbal tradition almost unknown in the Western world) explains in detail the healing benefits and properties of the Bali’s tropical plants, fruits, and herbs. 

Category: Medical

Author: Dr. Al Sears, MD, CNS

Language: English

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In Healing Herbs of Paradise, Dr. Sears explains in detail the healing benefits and properties of the Bali’s tropical plants, fruits, and herbs. He states, “Every chapter will introduce the reader to one of Bali’s many herbs. Some will be familiar-with unfamiliar uses. Others will be strange and new. Many have remarkable properties that Western science is only now discovering… centuries after Bali’s healers understood their use.” This beautiful coffee table book is full of striking photography and previously unknown knowledge about the curative and anti-aging qualities found in the exotic herbs and plants of Bali.

Table of Contents- Healing Herbs Of Paradise PDF

Coconut Palm:
Fat-Filled Miracle Food  5
Brain-Boosting Bali Fruit Also beats Cancer  21
Holy Basil:
Detoxify and soothe inflammation with Bali’s Sacred Herb 29
The aromatic Garden Healer and… Dragonfly Soup anyone? 35
Red Onion:
The Red Onion has layers of healing Treasures   41
Bali’s Prostate-Protecting, Cancer-Killing Super Leaves   49
Bali’s Most Impressive tonic Root   57
Bali’s “Big” Root is a Miniature Drug Store   65
Nature’s Best Tool for Curing Pain, Stomach Ache, Headache,
Morning Sickness, Heartburn, Viruses   
Wild Fruit is a Delicious Stomach and Joint Pain Cure  79
Bali’s Hidden Antioxidant Super-food   87
Bitter Cucumber:
Tropical Vine that Stops Cancer Cold   93
tropical Plant Can Prevent Parkinson’s Caused by Pesticides   99
Use Bali’s Estrogen-Zapping Herb to Knock Out Pain… and Prevent Cancer  107
The Balinese Superfood  115
Butterfly Pea:
Brain power IN A Beautiful Blue Petal   123
Bali’s Jade Orchid: A Healing Perfume  133
Ancient Balinese Grain has Huge Heart Benefits   139
Gotu Kola:
Balinese Secret for Better Mood and Memory   147
Sacred Lotus:
Sacred Slimming Secret is Bali’s Most Delicious Healing Flower   155
Indian Mulberry:
Make Your Brain Years Younger with This Tiny Superfruit   163
Java Cardamom:
Ancient Queen of Herbs Cures Coughs, Asthma (and Kills Cancer Cells, too)   171
Globe Amaranth:
Bali’s Beautiful Blood Pressure Cure   179
Cananga Flower:
Heart Cure in a natural perfume  187
Indian Long Pepper:
Spice Up Your Health… and Your Love Life  195
The World’s Kindest Beautifying FloweR   203
Drive Away Pain (and Mosquitoes!)  213
Areca Catechu:
More of Bali’s Pain-Relieving Secrets  221
Coral Tree:
Bali’s Beautiful Offering of Harmony and Healing   229
Castor Plant:
Ancient Healing Oil   237
Cat’s Whiskers:
Natural Cure for Kidney Stones   243
Aloe Vera:
Ancient Adopted Miracle Healer  251
Wood Sorrell:
Prevent Heart Attacks with Humble “Weed”   263
Papaya Tree:
Can This Pain-killing Fruit Keep You Young & Cancer-Free?   271
Bali’s Sweet Healing Treat   279
Piper Betel:
“Relaxing” Vine is Bali’s AntiCancer Miracle   285


About the author

Dr. Al Sears, MD, CNS,is America’s #1 anti-aging doctor. He’s made it his life’s work to challenge conventional medical beliefs and bring his patients the latest breakthroughs in natural cures and remedies to diseases once thought to be \”incurable.\”Dr. Sears takes a fresh, novel approach to patient health and wellness. Our environment has changed for the worse- and it’s affecting your health. He helps patients escape accelerated aging caused by modern toxins, chemicals and other hormonal threats you unknowingly face every day.Every year, he travels over 20,000 miles to the most remote regions of the world searching for natural healing secrets unknown or ignored by mainstream medicine.Since 1999, Dr. Sears has published 35 books and reports on health and wellness. He has millions of loyal readers spread over 163 countries.Today he writes and publishes two monthly e-Newsletters, Confidential Cures and Anti-Aging Confidential for Women, and a daily email broadcast, Doctor’s House Call, with more than 500,000 subscribers. He has also appeared on more than 50 national radio programs, ABC News, CNN and ESPN.Dr. Sears was one of the first to be board-certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). More than 25,000 patients travel from all around the world to visit him at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine in beautiful Royal Palm Beach, Florida.Recently, Dr. Sears proved you can affect the way you age by controlling the length of your telomeres. He made history as the first MD to introduce the Nobel prize-winning, anti-aging breakthrough of our time, telomere DNA therapy, to the general public. And now he’s working with the leading scientists in the field of telomere biology to further define how this incredible technology will shape the future of anti-aging medicine.

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