Medical-surgical Nursing Demystified PDF

Medical-surgical Nursing Demystified PDF

Medical-surgical Nursing Demystified PDF In this book you will learn to identify these signs and symptoms, interpret the medical test results, and perform the nursing interventions that will assist in solving or alleviating the patient’s medical problem.

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Mary DiGiulio, RN, MSN, APRN
Donna Jackson, RN, MSN, APRN
Jim Keogh

Language: English

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Every patient knows to seek medical help when his or her aches and pains become too much to bear, but how does the healthcare provider determine what is wrong and what to do to restore the patient to good health? The answer depends on the patient’s signs and symptoms and the results from medical tests. In this book you will learn to identify these signs and symptoms, interpret the medical test results, and perform the nursing interventions that will assist in solving or alleviating the patient’s medical problem.

Medical-Surgical Nursing Demystified contains 15 chapters, each providing a description of a major body system and the diseases and disorders which can affect that system. The discussion of each disease or disorder is divided into the following sections:

• What Went Wrong?
• Prognosis
• Hallmark Signs and Symptoms
• Interpreting Test Results
• Treatment
• Nursing Diagnoses
• Nursing Intervention
• Crucial Diagnostic Tests

The “What Went Wrong?” section presents a brief description of how the body is affected when the particular disease or disorder occurs. The “Prognosis” section discusses the possibilities of curing this disease and permanent damage which can occur. The remaining sections present the information as lists of symptoms, diagnoses, etc. that make it easy for you to learn and that also serve as a useful tool for later reference.


The quick and easy way to master medical-surgicalnursing and use your knowledge in real-world situations

If you’re looking for a fun, fast review that boils medical-surgical nursing down to its most essential, must-know points your search ends here! Medical-SurgicalNursing DeMYSTiFieD, 2nd Edition is a complete yet concise overview of the major body systems and the diseases and disorders that can affect them. You will learn about hallmark signs and symptoms, treatment, and nursing intervention so you have the knowledge to help your patients as a student and as a nurse once you start your career.

Studying is easy and effective with key objectives, important terms, brief overviews, tables and diagrams, andNCLEX-style questions throughout the book. The bookends with a comprehensive final exam that covers all thecontent found in Medical-Surgical Nursing DeMYSTiFieD, 2nd Edition.

This fast and easy guide offers:

  • Learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter
  • An NCLEX-style quiz at the end of each chapter to reinforce learning and pinpoint weaknesses
  • Coverage of diagnostic tests and treatment options
  • A final exam at the end of the book
  • A time-saving approach to performing better on an exam or at work

Simple enough for a beginner, but challenging enough for an advanced student, Medical-Surgical NursingDeMYSTiFieD is your shortcut to mastering this essential nursing topic.

Table of Contents- Medical-surgical Nursing Demystified PDF

Introduction xiv

CHAPTER 1 Cardiovascular System 1

CHAPTER 2 Respiratory System 85

CHAPTER 3 Immune System 143

CHAPTER 4 Hematologic System 175

CHAPTER 5 Nervous System 209

CHAPTER 6 Musculoskeletal System 261

CHAPTER 7 Gastrointestinal System 283

CHAPTER 8 Endocrine System 331

CHAPTER 9 Genitourinary System 373

CHAPTER 10 Integumentary System 399

CHAPTER 11 Fluids and Electrolytes 419

CHAPTER 12 Mental Health 451

CHAPTER 13 Perioperative Care 475

CHAPTER 14 Women’s Health 495

CHAPTER 15 Pain Management 535

Index 589


About the author

Mary DiGiulio is a Nurse Practitioner who has worked as a MedSurg nurse for many years. She is on faculty at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey School of Nursing.

Jim Keogh is a registered nurse and has authored more than a dozen books in the Demystified series.

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