Secrets to a long healthy life PDF

Secrets to a long healthy life PDF

Secrets to a long healthy life PDF  Natural Strategies For Optimum Health Using Herbs, Vitamins, and Food to Treat What Ails You.

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Author: By Dr. Bertrand Babinet, PhD., LAc. 

Language: English

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With every passing generation, there are more and more insights and scientific breakthroughs that promise longer, healthier lives. This is heartening because most people imagine getting older in good health with the opportunity for enjoying retirement and spending more time with friends and family, away from the hustle of a busy life. Yet, if we believe the current statistics on health, even in the light of cutting-edge discoveries, many of us are going to fall prey to some form of degenerative condition such as arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer, to name a few. Being diagnosed with any of these conditions can radically change lifestyles and spoil our retirement plans.

Unfortunately, many will not have to wait until an advanced age to experience some of these challenges. They may affect us while we are quite young and create disturbing obstacles in all aspects of life.

Roberta, my wife of 40 years and business partner, is an example of this. In 1998 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and we were both in shock. I am an acupuncturist and a Doctor in Human Development. Roberta counsels people and is an effective life coach. We both experienced excellent health and a strong spiritual practice throughout our lives. When the diagnosis occurred, we had been in practice for more than 20 years, and I thought we knew a great deal about health and well being. We had created a comprehensive system of healing based on the premise that a healthy mind lined up with a spiritual perspective produces and maintains a healthy body.

Our oversight was that we disregarded the negative impact that disturbances in the environment and certain genetic predispositions can have on both cells and the most basic physiological functions.

Thank God Roberta has enjoyed great health for the past several years and leads a very active, creative life. Still, her diagnosis was a rude awakening. It led me to extensive research into what constitutes a healthy physical body, and how we can ensure and maintain good health. The exploration that I embarked upon led to a range of discoveries that I am sharing with you in this book.

Table of Contents- Secrets to a long healthy life PDF

Introduction 6
The Ripple Effect of Poor Health 6
The Simple Nature of Good Health 7
The Significance of Inflammation 8
Creating the Opportunity for Healing 9

Chapter One: The Energy System and How to Maintain It 12
The Chinese Model 12
The Indian Model 15
The Greek System 17
Inner Ecology 18
Outer Ecology 19

Chapter Two: The Physiological Terrain 20
The Four Pillars of Health: The Foundation for a Vibrant Terrain 20
Emotional Terrain 22
The Power of Homeostasis and its Relationship to the Terrain 25

Chapter Three: Understanding Inflammation and How to Treat It 27
The Many Causes of Inflammation 33
Inflamed or Irritated Digestive Tracts 34

Chapter Four: Adrenal Glands – the Cornerstone of Health 38
Cortisol 38
The Many Manifestations of Adrenal Dysfunction 38
Testing for Adrenal Dysfunctions 41
Treating Adrenal Imbalances 42

Chapter Five: Sugar Metabolism, Diabetes and Obesity 45
Glucose and the Glycemic Index 45
Hypoglycemia 49
Hyperglycemia AND Diabetes 51
Insulin Resistance 53
The Good News about Fat 55
Hormonal Influences of fat cells 58
Cortisol and Insulin 59

Chapter Six: Weight Management and the Integrative Diet and Exercise
How Do People Gain Weight? 61
Worst Calorie Choices For Difficult Weight Loss 64
Weight Control through Integrated Food and Exercise Management (IFEM) 67

Chapter Seven: The Impact of Candida Overgrowth on the Physiological
Controlling Candida 72
Testing for Candida 74
Possible Side Effects of Treatments 77
ProBiotic Treatment 78
Candida and Diet 79

Chapter Eight: Who Says Heavy Metals are Unhealthy? Burying Our Collective
Head in the Sand
The Devastating Effects and Sources of Heavy Metal Toxicity 81
The Five Most Toxic Heavy Metals 84
Chemical Toxicity: Why the War on Cancer is Being Lost 90
Chelation as a Therapy for Clearing Metals and Chemicals 91

Chapter Nine: The Liver, Kidney and Lymphatic System 93
The Liver – Filtering Out the Bad Stuff 93
The Kidneys – The Other Major Filter 97
The Lymphatic System – The Sewage Treatment Plant of the Body 99

Chapter Ten: Naturally Maintaining Cardio-Vascular Health 101
The Markers of Cardio-Vascular Diseases 102
The Relative Importance of Thyroid and Homocysteine 107
Less Common but Significant Tests 108
Lifestyle Changes 111
Keeping Your Heart Healthy 112

Chapter Eleven: A Feeling in the Gut: The Key to Healthy Living 114
The Small Intestine 114
The Large Intestine and Dysbiosis 119
Parasites 121

Chapter Twelve: Allergies and Physical Reactivity – When the Body Gets
Upset about Nothing
Causes and Treatments of Allergies and Physical Reactivity 125
Clearing Out The Reaction 127

Chapter Thirteen: Opportunistic Infections 130
Mycoplasm 130
Other Chronic Systemic Infections 133
Stealth Virus 136
Nano Bacteria and Other Minuscule Micro-Organisms 136
H-Pylori 137

Chapter Fourteen: Understanding and Interpreting Blood Tests 138
Usual Clinical Range Versus Functional Range 138
Basic Nutrients 142
Sodium 142
Blood Functions 145
Immune Response 147
Organ Functions 150

Chapter Fifteen: Remedies for the Physical and Psychological Impact of Aging 158
Natural Remedies for the Aging Process 159
Spotting Age-Related Symptoms 160
Cardio Vascular System 161

Chapter Sixteen: How Persistent Psychological Stress Affects the Body, Mind and Emotions 175
Adrenaline’s Big Bang 175
How to Deal with Stress 177
Stress Management: Using Symbols to Calm 179

Chapter Seventeen: 90 Days to Optimal Health 183
Ten Steps to Overall Wellness 183
Implementing the 90-Day Plan to Achieve Radiant Health 185
90 Days to Optimal Health Plan 186

Chapter Eighteen: Conclusion 193
Appendix: References 196


About the author

By Dr. Bertrand Babinet, PhD., LAc.

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