Sports medicine- Just the facts

Sports medicine- Just the facts

Sports medicine- Just the facts PDF Easy access to concise, authoritative answers on the comprehensive range of health issues sports clinicians confront.

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Francis G. O’Connor, MD, FACSM
Director, Sports Medicine Fellowship Program
Associate Professor of Family Medicine
Department of Family Medicine
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Bethesda, Maryland
Robert E. Sallis, MD, FAAFP, FACSM
Co-Director, Sports Medicine Fellowship
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center
Fontana, California
Robert P. Wilder, MD, FACSM
Associate Professor Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Medical Director the Runner’s Clinic at UVA
Team Physician, UVA Athletics, The University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia
Patrick St. Pierre, MD
Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery
Uniformed Series University of the Health Sciences
Bethesda, Maryland
Associate Director Nirschl Orthopedic
Sports Medicine Fellowship
Arlington, Virginia

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Easy access to concise, authoritative answers on the comprehensive range of health issues sports clinicians confront. Perfect as a desk reference or quick review for certification exams, this manual gives readers quick solutions to diagnostic and treatment questions, an abundance of useful tables and charts, emergency-care procedures, plus incisive strategies for keeping athletes healthy.


*Ideal for anyone who cares for patients with sports-related conditions — from specialists to primary care clinicians
*Content is organized according to the material tested on the American Board of Family Practice Sports Medicine examinations
*Standardized, bulleted format emphasizes key points of epidemiology, pathophysiology, clinical features, diagnosis and differential, and treatment
*Covers the entire spectrum of sports medicine — from the pre-participation examination to medical and musculoskeletal conditions, emergency care, diagnostic imaging, rehabilitation, and much more
*Sport-specific chapters cover everything from golf to rugby, gymnastics to wrestling
*Separate chapters address special populations including the elderly, pediatric, female, special, and disabled athlete, as well as athletes with cancer or HIV
*Chapters are logically organized to help focus your study and provide quick access to specific subjects

Table of Contents- Sports medicine- Just the facts

1 The Team Physician Christopher B. Ranney, Anthony I. Beutler and John H. Wilckens 1
2 Ethical Considerations in Sports Medicine Ralph G. Oriscello 4
3 Legal Issues Aaron Rubin 8
4 Field-Side Emergencies  Michael C. Gaertner and Loren A. Crown 11
5 Mass Participation Events Scott W. Pyne 20
6 Catastrophic Sports Injuries Barry P. Boden 24
7 Orthopedic Sports Medicine Terminology Scott A. Magnes 30
8 Basics in Exercise Physiology Patricia A. Deuster and David O. Keyser 34
9 Articular Cartilage Injury Stephen J. Lee and Brian J. Cole 46
10 Muscle and Tendon Injury and Repair Bradley J. Nelson and Dean C. Taylor 55
11 Bone Injury and Fracture Healing Carlos A. Guanche 61
12 The Preparticipation Physical Examination Robert E. Sallis 66
13 Basic Principles of Exercise Training and Conditioning Craig K. Seto 75
14 Nutrition Nancy M. DiMarco and Eve V. Essery 83
15 Exercise Prescription Mark B. Stephens 91
16 Exercise and Chronic Disease Karl B. Fields, Michael Shea, Rebecca Spaulding, and David Stewart 95
17 Playing Surface and Protective Equipment Jeffrey G. Jenkins and Scott Chirichetti 102

18 Diagnostic Imaging Leanne L. Seeger and Kambiz Motamedi 107
19 Electrodiagnostic Testing Venu Akuthota and John Tobey 111
20 Exercise Testing David E. Price, Kevin Elder, and Russell D. White 118
21 Gait Analysis D. Casey Kerrigan and Ugo Della Croce 126
22 Compartment Syndrome Testing John E. Glorioso and John H. Wilckens 130
23 Exercise-Induced Asthma Testing Fred H. Brennan, Jr. 135
24 Drug Testing Aaron Rubin 137

25 Cardiovascular Considerations Francis G. O’Connor, John P. Kugler, and Ralph P. Oriscello 141
26 Dermatology Kenneth B. Batts 149
27 Genitourinary Michael W. Johnson 157
28 Ophthalmology Ronica A. Martinez and Kayvan A. Ellini 162
29 Otorhinolaryngology Charles W. Webb 166
30 Dental Elizabeth M. O’Connor 170
31 Infectious Disease and the Athlete John P. Metz 173
32 Endocrine Considerations William W. Dexter and Shireen Rahman 181
33 Hematology in the Athlete William B. Adams 193
34 Neurology Jay Erickson 199
35 Gastroenterology David L. Brown and Chris G. Pappas 205
36 Pulmonary Carrie A. Jaworski 211
37 Allergic Diseases in Athletes- David L. Brown, David D. Haight, and Linda L. Brown 220
38 Overtraining Syndrome/Chronic Fatigue- Thomas M. Howard 228
39 Environmental Injuries Brian V. Reamy 232

40 Head Injuries Robert C. Cantu 239
41 Cervical Spine Gerard A. Malanga, Garrett S. Hyman, and Jay E. Bowen 243
42 Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Scott F. Nadler and Michele C. Miller 248
43 Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Technical Considerations and Upper Extremity Carolyn M. Sofka 257
44 Shoulder Instability Robert A. Arciero 263
45 Rotator Cuff Pathology Patrick St. Pierre 268
46 Sternoclavicular, Clavicular, and Acromioclavicular Injuries Carl J. Basamania 273
47 Shoulder Superior Labrum Biceps and Pec Tears Jeffrey S. Abrams 281
48 The Throwing Shoulder Carlos A. Guanche 287
49 Elbow Instability- Derek H. Ochiai and Robert P. Nirschl 291
50 Elbow Articular Lesions and Fractures- Edward S. Ashman 293
51 Elbow Tendinosis Robert P. Nirschl and Derek H. Ochiai 297
52 Soft Tissue Injuries of the Wrist in Athletes- Steven B. Cohen and Michael E. Pannunzio 299
53 Soft Tissue Injuries of the Hand in Athletes- Todd C. Battaglia and David R. Diduch 305
54 Wrist and Hand Fractures- Geoffrey S. Baer and A. Bobby Chhabra 311
55 Upper Extremity Nerve Entrapment- Margarete DiBenedetto and Robert Giering 320
56 Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Lower Extremity Carolyn M. Sofka 329
57 Pelvis, Hip, and Thigh Brett D. Owens and Brian D. Busconi 337
58 Knee Meniscal Injuries John P. Goldblatt and John C. Richmond 342
59 Knee Instability Alex J. Kline and Mark D. Miller 350
60 The Patellofemoral Joint Robert J. Nicoletta and Anthony A. Schepsis 356
61 Soft Tissue Knee Injuries (Tendon and Bursae)- John J. Klimkiewicz 359
62 Ankle Instability Todd R. Hockenbury 366
63 Surgical Considerations in the Leg- Gregory G. Dammann and Keith S. Albertson 373
64 Tibial and Ankle Fractures Edward S. Ashman and Brian E. Abell 377
65 Foot Injuries Mark D. Porter, Joseph J. Zubak, and Winston J. Warme 382
66 Lower Extremity Stress Fracture- Michael Fredericson 390
67 Nerve Entrapments of the Lower Extremity- Robert P. Wilder, Jay Smith, and Diane Dahm 396

68 Physical Modalities in Sports Medicine- Alan P. Alfano 405
69 Core Strengthening Joel Press 412
70 Medications and Ergogenics Scott B. Flinn 415
71 Common Injections in Sports Medicine: General Principles and Specific Techniques
Francis G. O’Connor 426
72 Footwear and Orthotics Eric Magrum and Jay Dicharry 433
73 Taping and Bracing- Tom Grossman, Kate Serenelli, and Danny Mistry 442
74 Psychologic Considerations in Exercise and Sport- Nicole L. Frazer 446
75 Complementary and Alternative Medicine- Anthony I. Beutler and Wayne B. Jonas 453

76 Baseball James R. Morales and Dennis A. Cardone 461
77 Basketball John Turner and Douglas B. McKeag 464
78 Boxing: Medical Considerations- John P. Reasoner and Francis G. O’Connor 470
79 Crew Andrew D. Perron 473
80 Cross-Country Ski Injuries Janus D. Butcher 475
81 Bicycling Injuries Chad Asplund 480
82 Figure Skating Roger J. Kruse and Jennifer Burke 485
83 Football John M. MacKnight 491
84 Golfing Injuries Gregory G. Dammann and Jeffrey A. Levy 497
85 Gymnastics John P. DiFiori and Julie Casper 500
86 Ice Hockey Injuries Peter H. Seidenberg and Tory Woodard 506
87 Rugby Injuries Peter H. Seidenberg and Rochelle Nolte 513
88 Running Robert P. Wilder, Francis G. O’Connor 519
89 Soccer Nicholas A. Piantanida 526
90 Swimming Nancy E. Rolnik 531
91 Tennis Robert P. Nirschl 534
92 Triathlon Shawn F. Kane and Fred H. Brennan 538
93 Weightlifting Joe Hart and Christopher D. Ingersoll 543
94 Lacrosse Thad Barkdull 548
95 Wrestling Michael G. Bowers and Thomas M. Howard 553

96 The Pediatric Athlete Amanda Weiss Kelly and Terry A. Adirim 559
97 The Geriatric Athlete Cynthia M. Williams 565
98 The Female Athlete Rochelle M. Nolte and Catherine M. Fieseler 573
99 Special Olympics Athletes- Pamela M. Williams and Christopher M. Prior 581
100 The Disabled Athlete- Paul F. Pasquina, Halli Hose, and David C. Young 586
101 The Athlete with a Total Joint Replacement- Jennifer L. Reed 594
102 Cancer and the Athlete Brian Whirrett and Kim Harmon 598
103 The Athlete with HIV- Robert J. Dimeff and Andrew M. Blecher 602


“Great quick review for in-training exams/boards exams. One could read this text in two weeks just before the exam and retain the most relevant information. Highly recommended.”
—Reader Review*

“The amount of material in each chapter is good, with just the key facts included and the fluff removed. The concise and consistent format makes it easy and quick to read.”
—Doody Review Services*

*Of other volumes in the Just the Facts series.

This concise yet comprehensive review is the perfect tool to prepare for certification, recertification, maintenance of certification, CME, or for use as a clinical refresher. Its bulleted format efficiently highlights and summarizes only the most important concepts to assure quick absorption of the material and reinforce your understanding of even the most difficult topics.

About the author

Dr. O’Connor is the author of THE TEXTBOOK OF RUNNING MEDICINE, a McGraw-Hill book. He is director of the primary care sports medicine Army/ Navy/ Air Force/Coast Guard combined fellowship program and he is on the editorial board and is a frequent contributor to The Physician and Sports Medicine.

Dr. Sallis is a noted leader in primary care and sports medicine. He is on numerous editorial boards including The Physician and Sports Medicine, Sports Medicine Reports and Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. He is on the Publications Committee, American College of Sports Medicine, Course Co-Chairman, ACSM’s Team Physician Course and he is on the Sports Medicine Review Board for the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. Dr. Sallis has worked closely with Mosby on several publications for ACSM.

Dr. Wilder is a physiatrist and is the co-author of THE TEXTBOOK OF SPORTS MEDICINE. He is active in the running community

Dr. Pierre is an orthopaedic surgeon and will bring his expertise as a surgeon to the book. He a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, and the Arthroscopy Association of North America.

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