Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane PDF

Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane PDF

Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane PDF (9 Simple Steps to Optimal Health and Real Healthcare Reform) simplifies the causes and effects of modern chronic diseases by outlining the five dietary changes over the last century that have led to excess calorie consumption, and along with reduced physical activity, resulted in the epidemics of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.

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Author: Kirk Hamilton 

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Simple, proven ways for you to be and stay well in the busy, modern world.

Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane simplifies the causes and effects of modern chronic diseases by outlining the five dietary changes over the last century that have led to excess calorie consumption, and along with reduced physical activity, resulted in the epidemics of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.

But there is good news! By applying the 9 Simple Steps to Optimal Health you can prevent, delay or reverse the course of chronic disease and create real Healthcare Reform.

Within these pages are simple rules for efficient and effective diet, exercise and mind-body practices that make this program easy for even the busiest person. Kirk Hamilton shares the secrets of successfully aging cultures from around the world, and combined with current research and patient guided experience, leads the reader through the life-changing process of controlling their health journey.

Writing as a caring teacher, motivator and friend he shows that if we take simple steps on a daily basis then very good things will happen. So sit back and enjoy the ride as you begin Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane.


In 1988, Boyd Eaton published “Stone Agers in the Fast Lane.” It was a call to return to a Paleolithic diet much higher in meat and animal products than eaten in the 1980s or even today. Now Kirk Hamilton has written Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane, a call to limit the dependence of Homo sapiens on animal foods. Both publications share a common theme: that the modern lifestyle is not in keeping with the requirements of human physiology.

The evidence for this mismatch comes from the figures for obesity and diabetes now in evidence in Western nations, with diabetes alone at 8 to 9 percent in North America and predicted to double in the next twenty years. If this scenario holds true, we will see an increase in renal failure, blindness, and cardiovascular disease together with many cancers. For these reasons, public awareness must be stimulated, and much research undertaken, with translation of this knowledge to the public so that effective preventive strategies are put in place.

Kirk’s focus has been to stem those lifestyle and dietary factors, which he sees as the problem in both industrialized and developing countries:
• Increased consumption of animals products
• Increased consumption of added fats and oils
• Increased consumption of added calorie sweeteners
• An
increase in processed grains worldwide, with a decrease in developing countries of the percentage of calories from grains compared to other food calories
• A decrease in physical activity
staying healthy in the fast lane

The first diet rule in Kirk’s 9 Simple Steps to Optimal Health is for 90 percent or more of the diet to be unprocessed whole plant foods. The other 10 percent is optional as animal foods, but it is not necessary and not recommended as such. Kirk is clearly committed to plant-based nutrition as a major theme of the book—not only for chronic disease prevention and reversal but also for protection of the ecology of the planet for a world population approaching 7 billion people.

This aspect of the book is, for me, of major importance. It is also what differentiates this book from other good health manuals. We are losing possibly one species every fifteen minutes. By 2050, the rainforest will be destroyed and all fish stocks will be depleted.

Mankind must change his ways not only for himself but also for his planet. This book shows that by eating in a way that protects other life forms and the environment, we can maximize our health and also prevent and reverse the epidemic of modern day chronic disease.

David J.A. Jenkins, MD, PhD, DSc

Table of Contents- Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane PDF


Chapter 1: Urbanization, the Modern Lifestyle, and Chronic Disease 3

Chapter 2: The American Lifestyle 13

Chapter 3: Global Health: Where Are We Going? 23


Chapter 4: Preventive Care vs. Disease Care:

Changing the Paradigm 33

Chapter 5: The Good News: Chronic Disease is Preventable and Reversible 36

Chapter 6: Expect Good Health! 56

Chapter 7: Staying Healthy Principles 62

Chapter 8: The Foundation for a Staying Healthy Diet 67

Chapter 9: Double Trouble? Dairy and Grains 89

Chapter 10: The Big Three: Alcohol, Caffeine, and Sugar 101Chapter 11: Food Intolerance and Allergies 115

Chapter 12: “Allergic Load” and Detoxification 120


Chapter 13: The TRIAD Diet Program 135

Chapter 14: The TRIAD Exercise Program 159

Chapter 15: The TRIAD Mind-Body Program 185

Conclusion: Remember How We Got Here 195

Appendix A 201

Appendix B 205

Resources and Organizations 211

Recommended Reading 215

Educational Resources 219

Notes 221

Index 255

Publisher’s Contribution to International

Water and Health Alliances


“The time has come for every American to take charge of their health destiny and give up the false notion that doctors and drugs will save us as we commit slow suicide with food. The reliance on drugs is a proven failure and we have an overweight, sickly, and cancer-prone population to prove it. Kirk Hamilton does his homework; Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane by Kirk will put you on track to a long, healthy life.”
Joel Fuhrman, MD
Best-selling author of
Eat To Live
Family Physician and Nutritional Researcher

“Kirk Hamilton has developed an objective, precise, and clearly defined protocol for not only staying healthy but also optimizing your physical, emotional, and psychological health. There are no shortcuts, but once you begin to accept and implement his simple suggestions, you’ll be on the path for a lifetime of renewed health. A very powerful book, and one that I’ve added to my health library.”
Dave Scott
Six-time Ironman Triathlon Champion
Dave Scott, Inc. Boulder, Colorado

“Kirk Hamilton has an excellent reputation in integrative medicine and in addition is an intelligent medical reporter and writer. He uses many years of clinical experience in writing this new book. It is an excellent source of information for the patient and clinician alike. In addition, the book provides easy to understand guidelines for staying healthy in the modern world. I recommend that you read and use this helpful information.”
Burton M. Berkson, MD, MS, PhD
The Integrative Medical Center of New Mexico
Author of
The Lipoic Acid Breakthrough

“This book contains an important and often overlooked perspective on the diseases of civilization. More importantly, it offers a detailed and practical method for enhancing and maintaining health that would be appropriate for people of all ages.”
Robert Krikorian, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience
Director of the Cognitive Disorders Center
University of Cincinnati

“I love the simplicity with which Kirk has addressed the health problems we face at the societal and individual levels and also the remedy to rectify them. The strategy is basic, straightforward, entirely effective, backed up by thousands of scientific articles in the literature on the importance of a whole-food, plant-based diet, a consistent and progressive exercise routine, and an overall positive approach to life. Anyone who is afflicted with chronic disease or who wants to avoid such calamities in the first place should read and apply Kirk’s methods.”
John E. Lewis, PhD
Assistant Professor
Director of Research for Complementary and Integrative Medicine
Associate Director, Medical Wellness Center, University of Miami School of Medicine

“Kirk has an eternal spring of healthy information unlike anyone I know. He is passionate and brilliant and 100% committed to helping YOU reach your optimum health. Read and enjoy this book!”
Rip Esselstyn
Texas Fireman
Former World Class Professional Triathlete
Author of
Engine 2 Diet

About the author

Kirk Hamilton has been a practicing physician’s assistant working in nutrition, prevention and integrative medicine since 1983. He has been educating health professionals by providing summaries of nutrition and prevention research in the form of newsletters, books, databases and interviews since 1989. He currently works with patients, teaches, writes, and promotes health and wellness, and conducts both audio (Staying Healthy Today) and print interviews (Experts Speak) featuring expert researchers, physicians and authors.

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